Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flexing It

Today begins the weekend for me; my job gives us every other Friday off--what we call Flex Fridays. They're also paydays, too, so.... WOOHOO! It's just good every way you look at it. My husband also gets flexes, so they're our bi-weekly "date" day. We drop off the kids at school and then go out for a leisurely breakfast, do some shopping, browse the antique stores, stop by the Farmer's Market.... and, before you know it, it's 2:00--time to pick up the kids!

The downside of Flex weekends is that you:

  1. Overschedule yourself, because you think you have all this time off (and most everyone I am friends with also has them -- so we all pack our weekends full)
  2. Don't appreciate the two-day weekends nearly as much as you should

Here's a rundown of what I've got planned for this weekend, besides the usual date day with hubby tomorrow...

Friday Night

I'm going to a Scentsy party. Ever heard of it? You buy these darling (overpriced) ceramic scent burners, and then the bricks to melt in them. They smell DELICIOUS!

Saturday morning

A car wash fundraiser for cheerleading from 10am - 2pm, with my daughter & her screaming friends. Oh, and we literally get approximately 4 days or less of rain per year, but guess what?! On Saturday? Forecast: Showers. Of course!

Saturday Night

My friend Nicole is coming over for dinner and to watch Sex and the City with me. We have to lock our kids in their rooms so they don't come out and stumble upon any of the graphic scenes.

After that, she and I will do this (at 10:00 p.m.)...

We're walking with friends on a team for our dear friend, Cathy Spindler, who lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year. She was 40 years old. I am also personally walking for those in my life who've had cancer: My Uncle Steve (colon), my Uncle Jack (lung), my dad (lung), and my mom (breast & lung). My mom survived hers (but later died from other illnesses), but my uncles and dad did not. I will walk for all of them Saturday night.

Sunday Afternoon

My daughter & I will be going to the park to help her friend, Kalli, celebrate her 9th birthday.

And in between all of that, I will do....

...many, many loads, AS ALWAYS!


more housework...although I will more likely be wearing stretched out yoga pants, a tank top with bleach on it, no makeup, and absolutely no darling little kerchief in my hair! Hard to believe, I know!

....and later, if I'm lucky, maybe a little bit of this...

...except my sheets are icky blue & white striped ones from Wal-Mart, not a pile of HEAVENLY CLOUDS!

Okay. I'm tired now from thinking about all of my plans. Can I go back to work?

Nah, nevermind. Scratch that.


Suz said...

I am exhausted from reading really do pack a lot in. The movie is good. And yes, lock the kids away, there are some graphic scenes. I really hated those parts. (kidding)
The walk is a great thing, although I am amazed you do it at night. Sorry to hear of all the people around you that have been affected by cancer. Do you know that cancer sucks? yes, you do.
We have lost a lot of close friends/family too.
Good for you doing it. The laundry pic is priceless. Being a sahm, I do mine all during the week, but save the ironing until Sunday. Not fun. Enjoy breakfast at least. ;)

Rebeckah said...

Holy COW! Your weekend is stuffed full! I LOVE your flex Fridays. That sounds like such a great idea! VERY cool that your husband has off too!

There were a few graphic sex scenes in Sex and the City...Go figure, so definitely lock the kids out : ). I tried not to like that show because, well, umm, it's not very Christ focused, but sadly, I LOVE IT....

Hope your weekend is filled with wonderfulness! Thank you for walking for cancer. That is a beautiful thing!

Kira said...

I hope your daughters car wash goes well! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys in hopes that the rain will stay away.

My team has been holding one every other weekend since Mid August. I am about Car Washed out. We were due to have one this saturday as well, but the band director told us today only drumline and band has to be present. Thank God for weekends off!

I'll have to look into the scentsy stuff. They look like they smell yummy! Do they melt down slower than a candle?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah. I love your weekend laid out in pictures. Thank you for coming by and commenting on that unusually sad post. I do understand what you wrote very much so. I know people move on & live their lives fully not taking anything for granted. I'm glad for that!!!!!

Rebeckah said...

I hope your busy hectic weekend is going along nicely! Blessings!