Thursday, October 30, 2008

Work Clones

This is about as close to a costume as I'll ever get. I love Halloween but hate dressing up. I think it stems from my younger years when I was so shy that I did anything to avoid drawing attention to myself. Although everyone who knows me, with my big, hearty laugh and voice that (and I quote co-workers here) "echoes up and down the hallway"--well, they'd probably beg to differ. Still, there's just something about putting on a costume that I find completely and utterly embarrassing.
So, there you have it. Not very exciting, I know, but hey--we're government employees. What can you really expect?


BusyBeeSuz said...

Very cute. I always LOVED dressing up for halloween. Now, it is just a pain. yes, age changes things...darn, I am getting older. ;)

Rebeckah said...

Kaishon thinks I am the girl on the right. I told him it is not me, but he just won't believe me. I am WAY fatter than her, so I guess I am happy : )! You are always pretty! Even in black and white!