Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Princess Story

When I turned 40 this past (now very distant) January, my friends decorated my office in a pink "Princess" theme. My favorite items they left were a pillow that says, "Only a True Princess could get away with as much as I do!" and a pink fluffy tiara that looks very similar to the one above. I keep the pillow and tiara in my office, of course, up on my cabinet.
Well, since then, I have continued to receive princessy gifts, and the name "Princess" has stuck.
A few months ago, my friend Alison brought me a flashing Princess charm for my cell phone, and a Princess antenna topper for my car. I love 'em.
More recently, another coworker brought me a Princess plaque that looks quite a bit like this (and now hangs on my office wall):

After that, Alison also brought me a Cinderella snowglobe. (I couldn't find a sufficient picture, but it's darling. And Cinderella is my FAVORITE. She didn't even know that! See the magic my Fairy Godmother must work behind the scenes?!)
But THIS week, the Princess theme has exploded! It's like the 12 Days of Princess around here. (Oh, I crack myself up.)
On the first day of Princess, my true love Alison brought to me a Partridge, uh... a Santa Hat!

On the Second Day of Princess, my true love Tony brought to me Two Turtle... uh, a Princess Pin from his recent trip to Disneyland!

On the Third Day of Princess, I got nothing. Poor, poor princess!

On the Fourth Day of Princess, my true love Lucia brought to me something that is almost beyond words! We had an ongoing joke about the whole princess thing, and she had said she'd bring me tea and crumpets for breakfast yesterday. When she didn't deliver, I sent her a sarcastic e-mail saying, "Um, I'm STILL WAITING." So this morning? There was a crystal platter on my desk, with her grandmother's silver (that she'd stayed up late polishing), real china--a plate and a cup & saucer, an assortment of teas, sugar & creamer in crystal swan containers, a crystal bud vase with fresh cut roses from her yard, cream puffs (in place of crumpets) on the plate, and a silver rose napkin ring that also was a card holder. On the card in calligraphy was "Princess Susan."
I shrieked with laughter for I don't know how long.
Who can't love work when your coworkers are like THIS?!
I'm telling you, I could get used to this Princess lifestyle, my friends... Oh yes, I could.


big hair envy said...

The Twelve Days of Princess...Bwahahahaha!

I want in:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this...SOOOO cute. You are a princess and you deserve all that you get!!!!

Suz Broughton said...

The Princess will demand more than 12 days! I'm sure. This is so cute!