Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Focus, woman, FOCUS!

I spent most of the day unable to focus on work.

One of my friends, my wonderful friend, Nicole, informed me that she had booked a 7-day Disney cruise going to Castaway Cay (the Bahamas) for this June. She is able to do this because they have one less child and a huge military discount. ($2k off the total price.)

Nicole & her daughter went with us on our Disney cruise last summer, but her husband was deployed overseas for six months, so he was unable to join us as originally planned. She vowed then that they'd plan a cruise once he returned.

Somehow, selfishly, I'm sad. See, Nicole and I spent eighteen long months dreaming, planning, talking, shopping... all for the cruise. We drove out of town and bought formals together! We special ordered personalized shirts! We even made CDs full of vacation music to get us "in the mood." It's all we could think about for an entire year-and-a-half.

Kind of goes back to what my mom used to tell me: "Sometimes the anticipation is more fun than the realization."

In our case, both the anticipation and realization were fun. It was eighteen months' worth of bliss!

So now my sweet friend is going without me, and while I'm happy for her, I'm also sad. I feel like I should be there. But I can't--we can't. Money is tight and it's just impossible. Disney is so expensive! About triple the price of other cruise lines. (But when you're a Disney freak -- like me -- you don't care! And Disney banks on this, of course. There are a lot of us freaks out there and they know it!)

So I spent most of the day sad, and dreaming, and scheming, and depressed some more.... realizing it ain't gonna happen. How pathetic am I? (Don't answer that.)

I know I am blessed BEYOND BELIEF with a wonderful husband, two amazing kids, OUR HEALTH, great jobs, a warm home, good food, incredible friends... just all over awesomeness. I have no right to pout! And yet... here I am.

I can just hear my mom scolding, "Susan! Really! You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Hey, they don't call me Princess or Baby Favorite for nothin', ya know. I can't disappoint my fans by being too nice or reasonable... ;-)



Life with Kaishon said...

Well, I am going to pray that something spectacular happens and maybe you can go! Or, maybe you will have to wait another year or 2 butI just know you will get to go again soon. You know how I know? Because I believe our WONDERFUL Creator loves us and wants us to have the desires of our hearts! I know your dream will come true again Baby Favorite. I just know it : ).

PS Thank you for saying such nice mothering words to me! I really think that is the nicest compliment you could give a person. Being a good mother is one of the most important things in the world to me! The very most important!

Busy Bee Suz said...

oh, poor thing. I get this. I would feel the same way. Maybe next time it will work out for both of you.
You are allowed to pout. I give you permission. ;) take care, suz

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Just focus on the great memories from the last trip. Maybe you could do a mini-getaway with her so you get the planning fun.

Live.Love.Eat said...

At least you're honest. Just because we're blessed doesn't mean we can't want something. It'll happen for you again.

Frasypoo said...

I know what you mean.I wnated my best friend to go with us and she wanted to but her husband planned one just before we left !

PS:I am doing a race at Disney next month!Will think of you !