Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paranormal Activity, Incident #3

My sister, Cindy, died in 1998 at the age of 49. She was bi-polar and heroin addicted, and she died from what we assumed was an intentional overdose. The week leading up to her death, she organized dinner parties with friends, called me and my mom an unusual amount of times, and even sent my mother a package which included a book called We Don't Die; it's about conversations with those on "the other side." Coincidence? Yeah, I doubt it...which is why I say her death was suicide and not accidental.

Cindy made poor, life-changing decisions, but she was an amazing person. She had a ready, hearty laugh, a great sense of humor, she was artistic, a fantastic gardener, made amazing meals and fancy desserts, and loved with every bit of her heart.

She never got to meet my son, Chad. She lived hundreds of miles away in Northern California and couldn't afford to visit after he was born. She would often call my mom to ask, "What funny thing has Chad done recently?" (He was a nut.) She died the day before he turned 3. I know she always regretted not seeing him in person... she would've been CRAZY about him (and vice versa).

A month or so after she died, Chad came running into our bedroom at about 4:00 a.m., hysterically trying to tell me that "Elmo" woke him up. I took his hand and headed towards his room, and as we got closer, I could hear the Sesame Street theme song playing. I realized it was his Elmo clock, which was odd because we had never once set it. I figured maybe Chad had played with it and caused the alarm to set. I explained what it was and he went back to sleep.

The next night, shortly after midnight, the same scenario: Hysterical preschooler, tired mom, loud clock, different time. This time took me aback a bit, since it was a different time from the night before. Odd. I turned off the clock and put him back to bed.

Night #3? Same sound, different day. 2:00a.m.-ish. De ja vu. Now I'm getting tired of freaking Elmo! I want my sleep, damnit! If it's Cindy messing with us, I wonder, why can't she do it during normal waking hours?

The next night, it went off again. I took the batteries out. I said outloud, "If this thing goes off with the batteries out of it, it's going in the TRASH!" Fortunately, it didn't. But what did happen was, every time any of us would walk into Chad's room, a toy of some sort would go off... a beep-beep here, a beep-beep there, here a beep, there a beep, everywhere a beep-beep... oops, sorry! Couldn't resist! Seriously, though... toys inside his plastic drawers would go off, music would play, his Little Tykes "remote" keychain would honk.... you name it. It happened ALL THE TIME.

While alone in the house one day, I finally said outloud, "Okay, Cindy -- we get it. You're here. You're watching Chad. AND YOU ARE FREAKING US OUT! You can stop now!"

And the toys? guessed it. Never another sound.

However, my husband still wasn't convinced it was my sister. YET.




Teri said...

I am LOVING these stories! I don't really know what all these 'paranormal' things are, but it really is interesting to read about them. Steven is a TOTAL non-believer and I've had him read all of your posts like this and say to him: "Well, how do you explain that?" So far he's always had a rational explanation.. can't wait til he gets home from school so I can have him read this one. :)

Anonymous said...

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