Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If I say it's healthy, it's HEALTHY. End of discussion.

I pink puffy heart these.

Husband: Do you realize these are DEEP FRIED?

Me: Whatever. I love them. So shut up.

Husband: But they've got 7 grams of fat per...

Me: I said SHUT UP. I love them.

Me: And anyway, all I see on the bag are the words VEGGIE and 30% LESS FAT.

Husband: 30% less fat than what? Bacon? Cheesecake?

Me: And your point?

Husband: No point.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Anything that says veggie SHOULD be good for you!!


Timi said...

They never learn do they???
I'm hooked on Cheetos White Cheddar puffs. These are located in the "Health Food" isle at my local fancy grocery so I figure they must be wonderful for me.
YEAH RIGHT! They are damn good and probably will be the thing that I have to finally go to rehab for!
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