Monday, May 26, 2008

No wonder mom liked me best

I am always quick to blame my kids' occasional naughty behavior on my husband or at least his side of the family, but every once in awhile, I have a flashback to not-so-stellar moments from my own childhood. Hard to admit it, but I'm not always as angelic as I may seem. *ahem*

My brother Mark is 9.5 years older and doted on me from the moment I was born. In fact, my first word was "Ma" -- not for "Mom," but rather, "Mark." He was my everything--especially the first few years of my life.

Despite that, in typical older brother fashion, he would tease me mercilessly every once in awhile, in between tickling me until I almost wet my pants. Or my personal favorite -- holding me down and farting on me. I am now 40 years old and it still irritates me to think about my brother doing that in my face.

One day, he must've pulled one of those Stupid Older Brother Tricks, because I went into the kitchen and (pseudo) innocently asked, "Mama? Why did you name me 'Susan?'"

In her usual patronizing fashion, she replied, "Well, when you were born, we had to think and think... and finally we decided on 'Susan.' What a lovely name for such a lovely baby girl!" I was satisfied with her answer and skipped off like a female Eddie Haskell, anxious to share this news with my brother.

My mother then hears me telling him: "HA HA. When I was born, mommy and daddy had to think and think and think and think and think and FIIIIINALLY they came up with Suuuuuuuuuuusan. What a be-yooooooootiful name for such a be-yoooooootiful baby girl!

But when you were born? They said MARK! That's good enough for him!"

I'm sure there are millions of "good enough" baby names out there. Don't you?

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Timi said...

LOVE IT! I'm the oldest and teased my brother until he cried every chance I got. :-) He's still my mom's favorite and my grandmother never made any secert that out of 116 grandkids he was the favorite of them all. Spoiled brat!
Thank you so much for submitting your story of the worst party. I love it. Oh the stories of being young and knowing it all. :-)
Thank you again. Tune in to see who the winners are tomorrow.
I had so much fun doing this and hearing from people I might have to come up with another contest.
Thanks for stopping by