Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now I know how Jimmy Buffet feels.

I have always said I would make such a good rich person. "Good" meaning it would be a seamless transition. Middle class one day, bossing servants around the next. Easy peasy. People would never know I had ever been anything other than obnoxious and wealthy. It would all come so naturally.

Going on a cruise, especially one that Disney puts on, can give you a tiny little glimpse into that world. Your stateroom attendant comes and freshens up your room every morning after you've slipped out, replacing towels with fresh ones, making beds, tidying up. At night, when you're at dinner, he returns yet again -- this time to prepare a towel animal for you, turn down your bed, and leave some chocolates:

I love that there are waiters taking your every request into consideration. I love that Sompong, from Thailand, actually cut a piece of steak on my plate and fed it to me.

My new Thai boyfriend who not only cut up my food but also called me "My Dear" every time he spoke to me:

And... the spa. Oh, yes.. the spa. It was like a gift from the Baby Jesus himself:

We got to wander around in formal wear, sipping complimentary drinks, while waiting on dinner:

And our daughter & her friend? It looks like they have a fan blowing on their hair for a model shoot... but this is what cruising does to you. It turns you into a superstar! (I don't know about you, but I sure didn't have this kind of confidence at 9 years old. Did you? Hell, I still don't.)

We had entire afternoons where there was nothing better to do that lie on a lounge chair and soak up the ocean air. Oh, and sip drinks. Many overpriced drinks. It gets no better than this, my friends. This is the stuff beach songs are made of:

We got to dine at a five-star restaurant where we were served an appetizer, then another appetizer, a lime sorbet to cleanse the palate... then a main course, a dessert, and another dessert... then, just when you thought you might puke if you had anything else put in front of you, they served some kind of kahlua-y type drink to finish it all off. After that, they had a NutriSystem consultant on hand to assist us with our 50-pound weight gain.

Goodbye, Life of Luxury. I will miss you. We were such a good match. I'm sorry it couldn't have lasted forever...


Kira said...

I didn't know you had a blogspot! I'm adding you to my blogroll right now =)

Great blog entry..I'm jealous that you got to go on a disney cruise!!

Rebeckah said...

WOW! I just saw your comment at Heart Shaped Hedges and I wanted to come over and say hi! I LOVE your life of luxury! I don't think that would ever get old, would it : ). I hope you can go back again soon!

Manager Mom said...

Wow...sign me up. Or if I can't afford the cruise, I'll just take a personal "stateroom attendant", please.

Texan Mama @ WhoPutMeInCharge said...

Hey thanks for the advice over at Tootsie's place. That's a great idea. I have a list of chores ready to go now... pull weeds, clean toilets, fold laundry, etc. :-)

Courtney said...

Ah yes - that is most certainly the life. It's how I felt in Puerto Vallarta. How I wish I could go back every year!