Monday, September 15, 2008

It's time to get real!

This is the third time I've almost been on a talk show. The last time, Dr. Phil was doing a show on opposites (couples who have virutally nothing in common). We had a camera crew scheduled to come to our home, arrangements to fly into LAX, a limo set up to take us to the studio in Burbank--the works. My husband said, "Think about it: If you think it's a good idea, I think it's a bad one. We're opposites, remember???" Oh, yeah. THAT. I had to call the producer back and tell her we couldn't make it.

This e-mail came today, and I swear I have absolutely no recollection of having ever sent them any such e-mail. I must've though, because I doubt they just instinctively know that I'm a big spender. Unless the producer just happens to hang out at the Mervyn's in my small town, seven days a week, that is :

Hi Susan,

We are currently working on an extreme spending show and I came across your email about how you are a big spender.

Do you love to shop? Do you charge everything on credit cards? Do you always carry a balance on your credit cards?

If so, please email me back ASAP with a photo of yourself!


Sheryl Judd
Dr. Phil Show
Production Assistant

I can see it now: In his usual sarcastic tone, Dr. Phil asks, "How's this working for you?" I tell him it's working great for me... but my husband? Not so much. Like, my spending makes his brain bleed just a little bit. And that he was particularly upset that I had to buy a new outfit for the show, get my hair colored and highlighted, a facial, eyebrows waxed, nails done, teeth whitened, botox, and a body wrap to take off excess inches....... all of this while he's been out of work for two months with a bad back. Oh, yeah, and more brain bleeding ensued.

So, um... thanks but no thanks, Dr. Phil? Better luck next time?


Rebeckah said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you are so cool that you get invited to be on talk shows. I want an invite to one : )! I am sure I can think of some problems I have.

Your ebay story is UN-BELIEVABLE! Oh my goodness. I read it to Gary, and he said, "If that happened to us, we wouldn't be married : )" I told her that you are married to the nicest man in America.

I am glad you aren't going to go onto Dr. Phil's show because, you are right, it would cost you an insane amount just to be on the show.

You reminded me that I NEED highlights. ASAP : )!

Suz said...

This gave me a huge chuckle. Love it. Yeah, I would not go on Dr. Phil either...he will make you/me/everyone else look like idiots.
your husbands brain is bleeding...go help the man.
Take care,

Courtney said...

OMG - that is too funny. Maybe in your email about being opposites you mentioned the spending thing, and she stored it her files. ;o)