Tuesday, September 16, 2008

She'll have fun-fun-fun 'til someone takes her Challenger away

I'm in love.

Today a co-worker of mine pulled up in a 2009 top-of-the-line exclusive Challenger, with a 6.1 Hemi in it. One that isn't even for sale yet in the United States.

Now, I'm not typically a car girl, but holy mother of God. This thing was HOT.

He was borrowing it from a friend who got it directly from the Chrysler plant in Michigan. This guy's apparently got an in with some big wigs there and they loaned it to him "just because." So Scott brought it to work and took me for a ride in it. He then asked me if I wanted to drive. This thing was worth a fortune, like six digits' worth!

I wiped all of the drool off of my face and got behind the wheel. And then I think I whimpered a little bit while accidentally spinning the wheels and kicking up some gravel. Oh yes I did.

People craned their heads around to look at us driving. It looked THAT good. Or maybe they were just thinking What the hell is that very average looking chick doing driving a car like that?!

Anyway. I'm in love. And again... I would make such a good rich person. God, are you listening?


Suz said...

I also don't usually get excited about cars either(appliances, yes.)
But I love these also. That one is out of this world pretty.
Looks like driving would be fun and not a chore in that little number.
BTW, you, average chick? Not so much.
Have a good day

Suz said...

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hope this helps. just something cute to do.
you can actually just type in random words, or your family names and it will make one like that too.

Rebeckah said...

Oh my gosh. I love the car. LOVE IT! I am not really a car person either, but I do appreciate the extremely beautiful ones. Maybe you can get to be friends with the guy who drove to Michigan. He sounds like he has connections. Maybe those connections will put you on the path to wealth...Maybe!