Friday, September 26, 2008

It's your party and I'll cry if I want to

This year in January, I turned the big 4-0. Hard to believe, I know, since I'm sure I don't look a day over... 43.

I had a fabulous celebration! Three of my closest friends & I spent six luxurious hours at the spa. They'd decorated the night before and also brought in champagne/o.j. for mimosas, a pot to melt chocolate in, and strawberries for dipping. We enjoyed pedicures, massages, facials and, eventually, lunch. It was a perfect girly day.

On my actual birthday itself, my friends decorated my office in ALL PINK! It was heavenly! (They knew better than to go with dismal black.) There was a huge banner in the hallway announcing my age (um, could've lived without that), and my office was decorated in a million pink and white streamers, balloons and confetti. Presents and cards waited on my desk, along with two dozen pink carnations and a pink tiara! It was truly the best birthday of my life, and all day felt really special. (Just like when you're a kid.)

When I got home from work that night, my sweetheart of a husband had gifts waiting, a fancy dinner out, and this cake he'd made:

It was a wonderful, perfect day and there's nothing I would have changed. Except possibly winning the lottery and buying all of my friends extravagant shopping sprees and my husband and kids everything in the world they could've possibly wanted. Anyway.

My husband's 45th birthday is fast approaching, and we don't have as many funds right now as in months past. He's been on disability for the past 8 weeks with his back, so money is tight, to say the least.

What can I do to make his birthday special? I plan to make a great dinner (he usually cooks, so this would be a treat), a nice cake... but what else? He likes cars, tools and anything manly. (Insert Tim Allen's GRUNT here.) Among other things. Ahem. (My innocent, almost-13-year-old son reads this blog. Um, hi, sweetie!!!)

Any ideas out there? I'd love to hear what birthday surprises you've been the gracious giver or lucky recipient of...


Suz said...

Your birthday sounds fantastic...I have been working on a post about my best day too. :)
45???? What about writing a letter, or making a poster w/ pictures and make it a theme like: 45 things we like about you...or 45 great memories? You can use old pictures, or cut ones out of magazines, it can be funny OR serious.
As far as a gift....I know what is free and they always like. ;)

Rebeckah said...

I love your Birthday : )
You look beautiful and WAY young!
I am so lucky to have a friend like you! I have to think about your husbands creative present for a while. You could make him a book with 45 pictures of 45 presents you wish you could give him : ) and 45 reasons you love him. That might be a little girly though.
I have often wondered why we stop having special birthdays when we grow up. We are still special, right? I will think about this some more, ok!