Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Writer's Block MEME

Have you ever…

gone on a blind date? Yes! It's how I met my husband. He said I seemed distant, and like a snob. I didn't think he was my type. Moral of the story: Never judge a book by its cover!
skipped school? In high school. I still regret that I made socializing a higher priority than studying.
watched someone die? Both parents, unfortunately.
been to Canada? Yes, to Montreal and Vancouver. I love Canada! It's so clean and beautiful.
been to Mexico? Just six short weeks ago! Our cruise took us to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerta Vallarta. However, my husband's back was so bad at those last two ports, we didn't get of the ship at all. Cabo was beautiful, though! BLUE, warm water.
been to Florida? Never. Watched something on the Florida Keys last night and would love to someday go.
been on a plane? First time I ever flew was when I was 14, and it was 1st Class to Hawaii. That kind of ruined me for all the subsequent COACH trips to nowhere near as exciting!
been on the opposite side of the country? Um, does Montreal count? I realize that's not OUR country, but it's right above our country, right? Otherwise -- farthest east I've been is Missouri.
swam in the ocean? Sure, I practically grew up at Huntington Beach. Also in Hawaii. Not many other places, though.
lettered in high school sport? Surely you jest.
cried yourself to sleep? I am female. And was once a teenager. You do the math.
played cops and robbers? I don't think so. I was too girly. (Okay -- AM too girly. Nothing's changed.)
played dolls? Constantly, growing up. My whole goal in life was to be a mother.
sung karaoke? Yes! Most recently on the cruise, with my daughter & her friend. We sang "Fabulous." It's our simple request. ;)
done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Constantly. I have no willpower.
cheated on an exam? I was too busy ditching classes.
made prank phone calls? Of course!
caught a snowflake on your tounge? Once or twice. Remember, I grew up in Southern California. *sigh*
written a letter to Santa Claus? Not only did I write to Santa Claus, but I would help him out by giving him the Sears Wish Book page number, item number, description, shipping weight, and cost. Oh yes I did.
watched the sunrise with someone you care about? The best sunrise I ever watched was when I spent a week at a beach house w/my aunt & uncle (as a teenager). My aunt & I would sit in the front window and drink hot chocolate and watch it together. I miss her.
been kissed under the misteltoe? I think so.
ever been arrested? This goody-two-shoes?! No way! I have now been pulled over 7 times (most recently last month, for talking on my cell phone) and never gotten a ticket, either. KNOCK ON WOOD.
blown bubbles? With gum? Yes.
gone ice skating? Once, when I was 13.
been skinny dipping outdoors? I don't think so.
had a nickname? Yes... Suz, Sus, Bear, Baby Favorite, Sushi.
been to Africa? Never.
eaten cookies for dinner? Not FOR dinner, just before.
been on TV? I was an extra in a Kathy Mattea music video in the 1990's.
been in a car accident? Just one fender bender, fortunately.
What is your…mother’s name? It was Peggy.
favorite drink? I have many: Crystal Light, Diet Dr. Pepper, Mojitos... the list goes on!
favorite alcohol? Oh, Mojitos, Kahlua, Mudslides.... Mmmm... so many!
birthplace? The home of Disneyland.
favorite vacation spot? Hawaii or any place tropical
favorite salad dressing? Ranch
favorite pie? Key lime
favorite number? 19
favorite movie? The Notebook
favorite holiday? Christmas
food? Cookies
favorite day of the week? Friday
favorite brand of body wash? Bath and Body Works
favorite toothpaste? Don't have one! As long as it's minty, it works.
favorite smell? Puppy breath, rain, a newborn baby.
Do you have any…tattoos? One on my lower back. Everyone's always shocked.
body piercings? Just ears.
Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4
What do you do to relax? Watch t.v., surf the net, read.
How do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully just as I am now -- happy, with a great husband and two great kids. Kids who will be, good Lord, 19 and 23 by then! And I'll be 50. Great, now I'm depressed. I think I need a Mojito in a tropical place to cheer me up.

Feel free to play along and leave a link to your Meme in the comments!


Suz said...

Very cute and revealing……
I also met my husband on a first date….23 years ago!
I also preferred to socialize in HS instead of do my work…
Cry myself to sleep? All the time, you are right, that is being a girl.
I was also on TV, way back in 1990 I was an extra on a Burt Reynolds made for TV movie. I met ol’ Burt. Quite charming.
You have a back Tat? Cooooolllll. I only have birthmarks. 

Rebeckah said...

So funny! I smiled the whole way thru! I love that you have been pulled over 7 times and have NEVER gotten a ticket? What's going on with that, friend? A little cleavage action? Just sayin...

That tropical breeze sounds so delightful. I want to feel one now too.

I still cry myself to sleep.

I think it is interesting you like doggy breath. I have never found that appealing. The dog yes, but the breath, not so much! But, maybe your California dogs have better breath than our PA ones : )!

Rebeckah said...

PS What made you get the tatoo? That is wild : )!

Rebeckah said...

How is the coolest Office Manager on the planet today? : ) Are you SO happy it's Friday?