Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eyes have been changed to protect the innocent.

Today, my daughter (the child without the infamous Glamour Magazine-style bar) was in her forty-trillionth-bazillionth cheerleading competition. Or maybe it was only her thirty-ninth-trillionth-bazillionth. Hard to say. But it felt like more.

They did well, placing 2nd, and also receiving the Showmanship Award.

Afterwards, we went to various party stores in the L.A. area, trying to find a costume for our little cheerleader. (Our small town is seriously lacking in the way of costumes.)

She's been dying to be Giselle from the Disney movie, "Enchanted." She has never NOT been a princess for Halloween ... or any other day, for that matter. But alas, the costume turned out to be $60, and mama doesn't play those reindeer games. Or princess games. Whatever.

We realized Claire's might have some costumey-things, and we were right! I found the darlingest leopard ears, gloves, tail, and glittery tattoo-type stickers to apply to the face as the leopard's nose & whiskers. Cute, innocent, and only $12! (I say innocent because, OMG! HAVE YOU SEEN the slutty costumes for tweens?!!!)

My daughter's reply: "Oh, you are WHACK if you think I'm wearing that." Whack. Hmm. I don't believe I've ever been called that before. Normally, I wouldn't allow that type of disrespect, but I was so taken aback by the word itself that all I could do was giggle. I know, pass over the Laughing at the Wrong Time Parenting Award.

Anyway. We ended up buying a BEAUTY QUEEN sash, a tiara (because none of the 20 in her current collection would do), some long white gloves, and "diamond" chandelier earrings. Somehow, I still came out spending $28. (And we already have the fancy spaghetti-strap dress!)

Now watch; it won't be 80 degrees on Halloween, like most years. We'll hit some record low and it'll be snowing. And SHE WON'T BE COLD, AND NO! SHE POSITIVELY WILL NOT NEED A JACKET! BECAUSE, YOU KNOW, SHE IS NOT COLD! Did you hear that? NOT COLD! NO JACKET NEEDED!!! NONE!

What whack.



Rebeckah said...

This was so funny : ). I think whack is a compliment : ). Kind of. Maybe not. I was just thinking I was SO glad I didn't have a teen or tween girl at Halloween time. The costumes are psositively slutty. Who lets girls dress up like that? I think it's a disgrace. Way to go getting second place in the competition. I hope you don't have to go to any more competitions for a while : )!

Suz said...

Very cute.
Linds was a beauty queen several years ago. We got her a dress at goodwill and I made a sash out of ribbon. Great ideas we have....
You are whack, seriously. :) Ok, not seriously.
Love the cheerleading picture. She looks just like one of the glamour "don'ts"

Rebeckah said...

I LOVE you for asking! Thank you so much for praying! He isn't doing that good. He can open his eyes and it seems like he can recognize people but he can't speak at all. He also can't move his left side at all. I am SO worried about him. My heart just breaks. I am going to ask people to please mail him a card on my blog. Would you like his email? Can you email me? My address is Thank you again so much! I really appreciate your care and concern. I told his wife that people are praying and it made her feel better. She is so scared.