Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things You Never Really Wanted to Know

A lot of people seem to be posting these "25 Random Things," so who am I to not jump on the bandwagon?

1. If I drive by a homeless person, or someone who looks poor/lonely/sad/down on their luck... or even if they're just having a bad hair day (Okay, I KID!)... I pray for them. Right then. And then I get just a little bit sad myself. (My husband teases me & my bleeding heart.)

2. I love all things pink, sparkly, and girly. I'm in touch with my inner princess.

3. Even though I'm not one, I think being a stay-at-home mom is the most important job in the world.

4. I never mastered a cartwheel or a 360-degree twirl on the monkey bars. I was very unsure of myself as a child and always picked last on teams.

5. I have an annoying habit of cracking my knuckles, knees, neck and even lower back.

6. I can whistle extremely loudly and in tune.

7. Crime stories fascinate me -- like the Susan Smith drownings, the Laci Peterson story, Jon Benet Ramsey, and most recently, Caylee Anthony. (They disgust me, too, of course--but I'm just fascinated that anyone can be that sociopathic/selfish/deranged to hurt someone in that way.)

8. Medicine fascinates me, and I wish I would've considered a career in it when I was younger. I'd love to be an MD, but wouldn't love the long hours.

9. I often dream of living in a small, rural town surrounded by lots of trees, green rolling hills, and friendly neighbors.... where all I do all day is clean, bake, plan delicious dinners, and wait for my kids and husband to get home. I was born about 40 years too late.

10. I can remember complete lyrics to literally hundreds of songs.

11. I always wanted to be a Mouseketeer as a child. I ran around my neighborhood wearing lime green personalized mouse ears, and SUSAN in black letters across a white t-shirt.

12. I have an irrational fear of vomiting. And, if anyone other than my children vomits, I have an anxiety attack. Which probably means it's a good thing I didn't go into the medical profession, afterall.

13. I talk in a special voice to my dogs that I call "Dog Talk." It borders on sounding like I'm mentally challenged. Okay, no bordering about it.... let's be honest here.

14. I have been pulled over seven times and never once received a ticket.

15. I can play the violin, viola and piano.

16. I think that selfishness is the root of all evil. If you look at any heinous crime, you can almost always trace it back to selfishness. I don't think enough parents instill The Golden Rule in their children anymore. Teaching "please" and "thank you" simply isn't enough.

17. I was in a country music video of Kathy Mattea's; I played a member of a church choir.

18. I hate sweating and getting dirty. I can't watch shows like "Survivor" because it baffles me why anyone would ever willingly put themselves in such a miserable situation.

19. I love to laugh, and to make people laugh.

20. I adore my family and friends beyond words. I try to make a point to tell them how much they mean to me; I don't want anyone to ever have to wonder.

21. I hate talking on the phone, even to people I like. I would rather e-mail or talk in person.

22. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 18 years old. I lost my virginity a few months later. Let's just say I made up for lost time. 1986 was a very busy year!

23. I would've had a lot more kids if my husband had been up for it. I totally admire big families. I am almost 41 and would get pregnant today if Joe gave me the go-ahead!

24. I was extremely shy as a child. So much so that I wouldn't raise my hand in class even when I knew the answer. Nowadays, I doubt anyone would call me shy. I talk to complete strangers on a regular basis.

25. I love everything Disney. I still get butterflies thinking about visiting Disneyland. I have been there at least 35 times.



Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh…we are kindred spirits!!!

Number 1 DITTO
Number 9 Ditto
Number 10, a sickenss
Number 13, my kids think this is crazy too.
Number 16. Hello YES.
Number 19, well obviously. 
Number 20 DITTO
Number 21…I thought I was the ONLY one. Loathe the phone.
Love your list!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

You are the coolest! The absolute coolest. I just have the HARDEST time thinking of things about me. I need to be cooler like you : ).

PS Who the heck can do a cartwheel? This fatso never could!